Journey to better well-being with us

Empath provides community-curated mental healthcare services and solutions to workplaces, schools, and non-profits in order to improve the well-being of their communities.
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Our Advocacy Journey

Empath envisions to provide impactful mental healthcare that empowers one community at a time. We strive to achieve this by providing community-curated mental healthcare services and solutions to workplaces, schools, and non-profits in order to improve the well-being of people and their communities.

Empath was founded first as a social enterprise by Steph Naval, who at 14 years old began to manifest several mental health struggles. By 2020, Naval had already spent a decade going through the mental healthcare system in the Philippines. However, even after ten years, good mental healthcare was barely accessible for anyone.

As demand for mental health support became even more prevalent, this problem motivated Naval with the passion to improve access and quality of mental healthcare across the country through establishing community-based mental healthcare for workplaces, schools, and non-profits. We aim to work on elevating the quality, convenience, and accessibility of mental healthcare to further create meaningful impact for our partners and clients.

After 3 years of exponential growth, Empath later on evolved into a high impact enterprise that aims to establish long-term, meaningful, and vast scalability social impact for millions of people. Empath pursues to achieve this by innovating technologies and developing trailblazing methods of how mental healthcare is served and provided to those in need of support. We invite you to journey with us for better well-being one community at a time!

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The Heart of Our Approach

At Empath, our approach is rooted in client-centered empathy, compassion, understanding, and bespoke care, forging a path towards mental wellness that feels as empowering as it is healing.

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Our Vision

100 million Filipinos to be supported by Empath’s community-based mental healthcare
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Our Mission

To provide impactful mental healthcare that empowers one community at a time
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Our Core Values

Fostering Human Connection through Our Advocacy

Client-centered Empathy

At Empath, we put you first by customizing and curating our services and healthcare to align with your unique needs in order to bring you the most effective mental health support.


We aim to make a meaningful difference with our clients. We are intentional with our services and use data-driven metrics to monitor improvements or adjustments needed to bring the most positive change with our clients.

Mental Health Empowerment

Empath supports you in taking control of your mental health journey not only through healing but also to be empowered through our mental health support for your well-being.

Commitment to Quality Care and Excellence

We diligently strive to provide excellent support throughout your wellness journey with us. Our team is dedicated and committed to deliver the quality care that you deserve.


Through collaborative partnerships, we create solutions and build a supportive community to promote continuous mental health practices and ongoing educational efforts for our mental health advocacy.

Growing through Learning

By means of continuous learning and adaptability, our mental health support is dynamic and responsive. It adapts and continuously evolves based on ongoing feedback and impact metrics from the community it serves.

Our Philosophy to Mental Health Challenges

What is Community-curated Mental Healthcare?

What makes Empath different is our specialization for community-curated mental healthcare. This kind of mental healthcare refers to a model of providing mental health services and support that is centered around the needs and resources of a specific community. Rather than relying on interventions that only focus on the individual, this approach recognizes that the well-being of individuals and communities are interconnected.

By addressing mental health within the context of a community's unique strengths and challenges, this approach aims to improve overall mental health outcomes and foster a sense of well-being empowerment and support within the community as a whole. Here are key components of Empath’s community-based approach to mental healthcare.

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Empowering individuals to take an active role in their well-being is a central goal of community-curated mental healthcare. It encourages people to seek help when needed, work proactively on developing mind strength strategies, and make informed decisions about their mental health.

Cultural Sensitivity

A community-based approach is culturally sensitive and respects the cultural beliefs, practices, and values of the community it serves. It acknowledges that cultural factors can influence how individuals perceive and address mental health issues.

Prevention and Early Intervention

Prevention and early intervention are emphasized to reduce the prevalence and severity of mental health problems. It aims to and promote mental health awareness and educate on how to identify early warning signs.

Community Engagement

Active community engagement is a key aspect. Community members are involved in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of mental health programs. Their input helps tailor services to meet the specific needs and preferences of the community.


The approach strives to reduce mental health support barriers and make healthcare more accessible through the use of technology. With our platform, individuals have easy, efficient, and seamless access to an ecosystem of mental health support anytime, anywhere.

Stigma Reduction

Educational efforts are made to reduce the stigma and misconceptions surrounding mental health within the community, encouraging open and non-judgmental conversations about mental health.

Peer Support

Peers with personal experiences of mental health challenges can play a significant role in community-based mental healthcare. They can provide relatable and empathetic support to those in need.


Collaboration with existing healthcare systems and professionals is important to ensure a comprehensive approach to mental healthcare.

Continuous Improvement

The mental health support is dynamic and responsive. It adapts and evolves based on ongoing feedback and evaluation from the community it serves.

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Mental Health by the Numbers

Mental Health Unveiled: A Glimpse Through Statistics

1 Billion

people worldwide have been diagnosed with mental condition.


Filipino workers say their job is the main source of their
mental health challenges.


treatment gap for those in need mental healthcare in Southeast Asia.


of students only can access mental health services in a year

At Empath, we believe that understanding the sheer scale of mental health challenges is a step towards dismantling the walls of stigma. By presenting mental health through the lens of hard data and bringing awareness of this rising issue, we aim to foster a more informed and empathetic society.

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