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Embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment, at Empath, where your path towards mental wellness is non-judgemental, well-supported, nurturing, and empathic.
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Our Comprehensive Mental Health Services

Empath Wellness Consults

In a warm and supportive video-call session, clients will connect with a licensed mental health professional to delve into the signs and symptoms they’re experiencing, allowing Empath to identify their needs accurately.

Our expert will introduce effective methods for alleviating psychological distress; and based on the conversation, provide recommendations for further services best suited to the client’s well-being.

Counseling and Psychotherapy Consults

A compassionate space conducted via video call with a qualified psychologist or counselor, designed to equip clients with coping strategies.

Empath will work together with the client to reshape thought patterns, behaviors, and emotional responses, enhancing daily function. These sessions not only address personal challenges but also aim to prevent the development of mental health concerns.

Psychiatric Consults

Our experienced psychiatrists will meticulously review clients’ current stressors and any past medical or psychiatric conditions. Following this assessment, they will engage in a thoughtful discussion about possible treatment options.

This personalized treatment plan may or may not include medications; if needed, our psychiatrists can provide prescriptions, ensuring comprehensive care for your well-being.

Group Therapy

Shared healing and emotional assistance via online conversations

Family Therapy

Virtual therapy counseling for promoting family harmony

Couples Therapy

Online couples counseling to strengthen relationships

Pre-employment Assessment

Assesses the mental well-being and job fit of prospective employees

Adoption Assessment

Offers understanding on mental health in connection to the prerequisites for the adoption procedure


Provides perspectives for customized mental health support and empowerment

Telemental Health Services

Assists individuals, organizations, and educational institutions in promoting and maintaining mental well-being. This support fosters a healthy environment and enhances overall productivity and resilience.

Group Engagements

Nurtures a supportive community to create an environment where individuals can thrive and lean on one another. This, in turn, bolsters mental resilience and encourages a collective sense of well-being.


Offers valuable insights to guide your wellness journey. These insights are tailored to support your unique path towards empowerment and well-being.

Mental Health Policy Development

Promote lasting strategies for mental wellness  of both organizations and communities. We help create a compassionate and resilient environment where everyone can feel empowered.

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Start your empowerment journey with our free wellness assessment tool. Try out the Empath Well-being Scale for individuals.
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The Empath Way of Mental Healthcare

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We provide a thorough approach, addressing the reasons for mental distress and supporting your journey to understand and empower yourself.
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Community-based Approach

Empath cultivates a thriving community, fostering shared growth, connections, and mental well-being support among individuals.
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High Service Capacity

Our team and services reflect our steadfast dedication to providing timely and effective support to communities. At Empath, we're here to make a positive impact where it's needed most.
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Easy to Access and

Empath revolutionizes mental health access with a user-friendly, tech-enabled platform that provides online consultations, therapy, and support groups, ensuring convenience and inclusivity for everyone.

Community and Client Partnerships

Uniting for Mental Health Advocacy

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About Us

Empowering Lives through Empathy

Mental health issues in workplaces, schools and non-profit communities have rapidly been on the rise, but trying to access effective mental healthcare for these communities is extremely difficult. Workplaces, schools, and nonprofits struggle to find mental healthcare that is comprehensive, easy to access, of high service capacity, and follows a community-based approach for mental wellness improvement.

Because of this, Empath provides community-curated mental healthcare services and solutions to workplaces, schools, and non-profits in order to improve the well-being of their communities. We aspire to create mental healthcare support, programs, and technologies that create genuine, lasting impact in the field of mental health. Our purpose is to stand as a well-being ally for the communities we work with; delivering high-quality support and developing programs hand-in-hand with our partner organizations.

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Meet Our Team

Get to know some of our Mental Health Advocates
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Steph Naval
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Dr. Lucille Montes
Senior Psychologist Consultant
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Rich De Jesus
Clinical Division Head
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April Domingo
Clinical Case Officer
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Ianne Gumiran
Clinical Case Officer
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Jeric Fugen
Program Development Division Head
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Andrea Tan
Workplace Management Officer
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Bryan Daowan
Academic, Research, and Development Officer
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Boj Cadhit
Operations Manager
picture of the team member
Luigi Adriano
Partnerships Development Manager
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Louie Sala
Organization Development Consultant
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Dr. Renee
Licensed Psychiatrist
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Dr. Miguel
Licensed Psychiatrist
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Licensed Psychologist
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Licensed Psychologist
picture of the team member
Licensed Psychologist
picture of the team member
Licensed Psychologist
picture of the team member
Licensed Psychologist
picture of the team member
Licensed Psychologist
picture of the team member
Licensed Counselor
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