Assess Job Candidates with Our Psychological Test for Employment

We help you evaluate your candidates' empathy and emotional intelligence for a better hiring process.

Employment Assessment

At Empath, we also aim to help you identify job candidates who not only possess the necessary skills for the job but also demonstrate qualified emotional understanding and mental fitness.

With our psychological tests, we aim to enhance your hiring process, ensuring that your future employees align with your company culture and values.

Our psychological tests can be for current employees as well to ensure mental fitness or to identify how the company can best support such employees through any mental health challenges they may currently be facing.

Let us assist you in building a more empathetic and productive workforce.

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Benefits of Our Employment Psychological Test


Improved Hiring Decisions

Our test helps you identify emotional well-being and mental fitness of candidates, enhancing your hiring decisions and promoting workplace harmony.

Increased Employee Retention

By selecting empathetic employees, we can help improve your team's cohesion, leading to increased employee retention.
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Culture Fit

Our psychological assessment ensures your new hires align with your company culture, fostering a productive, positive environment.
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Reduced Recruitment Costs

With our effective pre-employment screening, you can reduce hiring mistakes, leading to significant savings in recruitment costs.

Gain Mental Health Insights

Through licensed and qualified tests, learn more about ones mental well-being. We value ethical and scientific-based methods to guide us on data-driven insights.
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Who is this ideal for?

Empath’s clinical psychological assessment is ideal for those:
  • Desiring a comprehensive and robust understanding of their mental well-being and how to best address their mental health concerns
  • Beginning their wellness journey and seeking data-driven guidance on their well-being plan
  • Navigating through challenges and chronic difficulties regarding their mental and emotional well-being
Join us to pave a more informed path towards your well-being.

Why Choose Empath?

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Scientifically Validated

Our tests are backed by scientific research, ensuring you receive accurate and reliable psychological assessments.
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Improved Selection Process

We help enhance your hiring process by identifying candidates with high emotional intelligence and empathy.
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Dedicated Support

Our team provides top-notch support, guiding you through every step of the assessment process.

Community and Client Partnerships

Uniting for Mental Health Advocacy

Client Testimonials

Real Stories of Mental Health Empowerment

Empath has helped me get the psychiatric help I need in an accessible way. I'm glad I found Empath as I was having difficulties in finding mental health services online.


The experience was very light and easy which i guess is what people need. From the navigation of the website, to booking a session up until the actual session everything went by smoothly and simply


Empath's team is highly knowledgeable and accommodating. I had no problem placing complete trust in them which allowed for every transparent sessions providing clarity on recent mental/life/ personal issues.


Thankful for the readiness and ease of access Empath provides for anyone who wants to reach out for help. Thankful for the preparedness yet caring humanity of their professinals, able to acknowledge...


Empath was my first therapy experience, and I can strongly recommend this to my friends and family. Scheduling a session and paying for it was straightforward and easy...


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