Annual Mental Health Care Plan for Schools, Workplaces, and Nonprofits

Offering a nurturing network for schools, workplaces, and nonprofits, our annual plan is your gateway to comprehensive mental health care.
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Our Annual Mental Health Plan

In line with the Mental Health Act, we are passionate about fostering mental well-being in schools, workplaces, and nonprofits. We believe in creating an environment where everyone feels supported and understood. 

Our dedicated team is always on hand to provide personalized solutions for your unique needs. So, why not become a part of our mission? Together, we can empower others one community at a time.

Curated Mental Health Solutions for Diverse Sectors

Empowering Schools and Educational Institutions

We inspire emotional wellness in schools with our friendly, customized mental health programs.

Supporting Employee Well-being in Workplaces

We empower employee wellness into workplaces through our tailored, employee-centric mental health support.

Mental Health Support for Nonprofit Organizations

We empower nonprofit organizations with our compassionate, tailor-made mental health support services.

Ready to Guide Your Organization Towards Wellness?

Let's navigate together! Ensure your organization's wellness journey with us. Are you ready for transformative well-being?
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Our Annual Mental Health Plan Inclusions

Telemental Health Services
We're here for you with our Telemental Health Services. Providing remote access to mental health resources and counseling, we ensure you're supported in every step of your emotional well-being journey.
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Group Engagements
Our Group Engagements are all about community. We create a safe space for open dialogues on mental health, fostering shared understanding and collective healing. You're not alone; we're in this together.
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Through our comprehensive Assessments, we help you understand your unique mental health needs. By identifying key areas of focus, we can tailor personalized care plans to support your wellness journey.
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Mental Health Policy Development
We're committed to creating supportive environments through our Mental Health Policy Development. We ensure your organization is compliant with the Mental Health Act and DOLE DO 208, s.2020. As we design robust policies that prioritize mental well-being, we strive to foster inclusivity and empathy.
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Who is this ideal for?

Empath’s annual mental health care plan is ideal for those:
  • Overseeing a school, workplace, or nonprofit and aiming to prioritize mental well-being
  • Seeking a structured, year-round approach to address mental health challenges in your institution
  • Looking to create a supportive environment that fosters resilience and understanding
  • Desiring a comprehensive strategy tailored to the unique needs of your community
Join us to cultivate a thriving and mentally healthy environment for all members of your organization.

Why Choose Empath as your Well-being Partner?


Community-based Approach

Our mental healthcare approach recognize that the mental health of individuals and communities are interconnected. We provide mental health support that is centered around the unique needs for communities to thrive as a whole.
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Easy to Access and Convenient

Empath innovates mental healthcare access with a user-friendly and tech-enabled platform that provides online consultations, therapy, and assessments in order to bring easy and seamless access for mental healthcare.

Comprehensive Range

We offer a comprehensive range of mental healthcare services that would provide a dynamic approach in addressing different well-being needs of an organization.
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High Service Capacity

Through the special design of our systems and large pool of professionals, we are able to cater in the thousands for an organization. This allows us to provide timely and effective support for several individuals at the same time.

Community and Client Partnerships

Uniting for Mental Health Advocacy

Client Testimonials

Real Stories of Mental Health Empowerment

Empath has helped me get the psychiatric help I need in an accessible way. I'm glad I found Empath as I was having difficulties in finding mental health services online.


The experience was very light and easy which i guess is what people need. From the navigation of the website, to booking a session up until the actual session everything went by smoothly and simply


Empath's team is highly knowledgeable and accommodating. I had no problem placing complete trust in them which allowed for every transparent sessions providing clarity on recent mental/life/ personal issues.


Thankful for the readiness and ease of access Empath provides for anyone who wants to reach out for help. Thankful for the preparedness yet caring humanity of their professinals, able to acknowledge...


Empath was my first therapy experience, and I can strongly recommend this to my friends and family. Scheduling a session and paying for it was straightforward and easy...


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