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We compassionately delve into your team's well-being, guiding you towards a healthier, happier organizational journey.
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Our Assessment Services

At Empath, we value impact-driven insights. We do this through our Empath Well-being Scale (EWEBS) which gives a basic overall well-being assessment of an individual across their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive realms.

With our assessment tools, we monitor the impact metrics of our interventions in order to identify insights, tailor mental health solutions for organizations, highlight areas for growth, foster continuous feedback, and ensure consistent progress. Together, we navigate the path to enhanced mental well-being.

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Educating and Supporting Diverse Sectors

Schools and Educational Institutions

We offer friendly, tailored online therapy to support you in fostering a mentally healthy educational environment.

Workplaces and Employee Well-being

We're here to boost your workplace productivity and well-being with our personalized online counseling services.

Non-profit Organizations and Community Support

We provide online therapy for non-profits to enhance community wellness and mental well-being.

Ready to Guide Your Organization Towards Wellness?

Let's journey together! With Empath, let’s empower the well-being your community  Start wellness with us today.
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Our Well-being Assessments

Empath Well-being Scale (EWEBS)
Measure your holistic well-being with EWEBS, capturing physical, emotional, social, and cognitive aspects. We're here for you.
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Organization Needs Assessment (ONA)
We use ONA to deeply understand your organization's mental health needs, tailoring programs for a healthier community.
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Who is this ideal for?

Empath’s assessment is ideal for those:
  • Delving into data-driven understanding and insights for the overall well-being of the people in their organization
  • Interested in an evaluation that covers physical, emotional, and mental aspects
  • Seeking insights to guide their action plans to improve the wellness journey of people in their organization
  • Aiming to identify strengths and areas for growth in their organization culture and community well-being
Join us to gain further insights on your path to wellness.

Why Choose Empath as your Well-being Partner?


Data-driven Understanding

Our assessments dive deep, offering a holistic view of well-being across emotional, physical, social, and cognitive facets.

Tailored Recommendations

We analyze to curate. Our assessments lead to personalized and curated programs, ensuring your organization's mental health thrives with us.

Community and Client Partnerships

Uniting for Mental Health Advocacy

Client Testimonials

Real Stories of Mental Health Empowerment

Empath has helped me get the psychiatric help I need in an accessible way. I'm glad I found Empath as I was having difficulties in finding mental health services online.


The experience was very light and easy which i guess is what people need. From the navigation of the website, to booking a session up until the actual session everything went by smoothly and simply


Empath's team is highly knowledgeable and accommodating. I had no problem placing complete trust in them which allowed for every transparent sessions providing clarity on recent mental/life/ personal issues.


Thankful for the readiness and ease of access Empath provides for anyone who wants to reach out for help. Thankful for the preparedness yet caring humanity of their professinals, able to acknowledge...


Empath was my first therapy experience, and I can strongly recommend this to my friends and family. Scheduling a session and paying for it was straightforward and easy...


Get The Support You Deserve

We understand that taking that first step can be daunting. For those just starting out their wellness journey, try our Empath Wellness Consult which is great for beginners and first-timers. Schedule one today, and let us be your partner in achieving mental wellness.
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Other Service Inclusions of Our Annual Mental Health Plan

online meeting

Telemental HealthServices

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Group Engagements

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Mental Health Policy Development

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Explore Our Library of Mental Health Resources

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