Curated Mental Health Programs for Organizations

Together with Empath, let's compassionately craft a tailored mental health program to nurture the well-being in your organization.
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Our Mental Health PolicyDevelopment Services

Empath's Mental Health Policy Development crafts a robust framework to bolster mental well-being within organizations. This comprehensive approach ensures access to mental healthcare, reduces stigma, and fosters a supportive environment.

Our method involves focus group discussions, stakeholder interviews, and policy reviews, all in compliance with the Mental Health Law (RA 11036). With Empath, champion a proactive and compassionate approach to mental health in your organization.

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Educating and Supporting Diverse Sectors

Schools and Educational Institutions

We offer friendly, tailored online therapy to support you in fostering a mentally healthy educational environment.

Workplaces and Employee Well-being

We're here to boost your workplace productivity and well-being with our personalized online counseling services.

Non-profit Organizations and Community Support

We provide online therapy for non-profits to enhance community wellness and mental well-being.

Ready to Guide Your Organization Towards Wellness?

Let's journey together! With Empath, let’s empower the well-being your community  Start wellness with us today.
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Who is this ideal for?

Empath’s mental health policy development is ideal for those:
  • Looking to establish a robust mental health framework within your organization
  • Seeking expert guidance to craft policies that prioritize well-being and support
  • Aiming to reduce stigma and foster a mentally resilient work environment
  • Desiring a policy that's compliant with mental health regulations and best practices
Join us to create a foundation that champions mental health at every organizational level.

Why Choose Empath as your Well-being Partner?


Expertise in Mental Health

We deeply understand mental health, helping craft policies that truly benefit your organization's well-being.

Compliance Focused

We're always in tune with the Mental Health Law (RA 11036), keeping your policies perfectly aligned.

Community and Client Partnerships

Uniting for Mental Health Advocacy

Other Service Inclusions of Our Annual Mental Health Plan

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Telemental HealthServices

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Group Engagements

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Explore Our Library of Mental Health Resources

July 18, 2024

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3 Impacts of Pre-Employment Screenings and Assessments in Organizations

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Adding Mental Health Education to Schools and Improving Well-being Support

Discover how mental health education enhances well-being in Philippine schools, supporting students with essential coping skills.

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